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    Q. Does have recurring price?

    For a limited time, you can get full access to without paying ANY recurring charges.

    Q. Why is there such a price difference compared to other solutions?

    Take advantage of our limited-time exclusive offer of a one-time payment. Once this offer ends, the pricing difference between and other comparable solutions will no longer be as significant.

    Q. What if I want to upgrade my plan in the future?

    Enjoy the benefits of a one-time payment with SendMails and never worry about monthly fees. Take advantage of this exclusive offer before it expires and secure your account at a lower price. Should you need to upgrade in the future, simply pay the difference in pricing according to the current rate at the time of your initial payment.

    Q. Can I try for free?

    Take advantage of our exclusive one-time payment offer and enjoy peace of mind with a 30-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee. If you're not satisfied within the first 30 days, you'll receive a full refund of your payment.

    Q. Why is so affordable?

    Integrate with ease by utilizing our SMTP options. One popular provider we offer is Amazon SES (Simple Email Services). Amazon's extensive infrastructure allows for the most cost-effective email SMTP service available, costing just $0.10 per 1,000 emails sent or received. This is a more affordable option compared to other well-known email services like MailChimp.

    Q. What is Marketing Automation?

    Automate your marketing tasks and streamline the customer journey from lead capture to onboarding and beyond. Say goodbye to manual processes and hello to personalized welcome messages, cross-selling campaigns, re-engagement efforts, feedback solicitations, and more.

    Q. Do you handle email bounces and spam?

    Our system monitors bounced emails and spam complaints, automatically blacklisting invalid contacts to ensure they don't receive further messages. You can also assess your email campaigns with our spam score analysis to identify ways to enhance deliverability.

    Q. How can I cancel a one-time payment deal?

    To cancels your one-time payment agreement with Sendmail.Solutions, simply send a message to [email protected]. Within the first 30 days of your payment, we have a risk-free policy and will provide a full refund of your money without any questions asked.

    Q. How do we add contact to the list?

    Easily import your contacts through various methods such as bulk CSV upload, API integration, embeddable HTML forms, and popup forms.

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