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    Sendmail.Solutions comes with everything you need to create gorgeous, interactive newsletters.

    • Client Engagement Platform

    Backgrounds to match your message is a newsletter tool designed specifically for educators. It offers a range of backgrounds to match the message being conveyed in the newsletter.

    • Messages and Live Chat

    Embed photos and videos

    Use photos and videos to connect with your students and community.

    • AI-Powered Personalized Email

    Easily automate personal contact

    The key is to craft a personalized and compelling message that resonates with your target audiences and to follow up with them consistently to build a relationship and establish trust.

    • Use multiple email addresses
    • Send follow-up emails
    • Verified email list
    • A/B Test your emails
    • Keep an eye on your readers

    Keep an eye on your readers

    Know who opens, reads, and clicks your newsletters — all in an easy interface.

    Create the perfect newsletter.
    Every time.

    No matter the medium or the message, newsletters always look great. And so will you.

    Weekly School Newsletter

    Keep everyone in the loop with a weekly newsletter to parents, community members, and faculty.

    Pre-Made Templates

    Created by our in-house resident educator.

    Professional Development Resource

    Use Sendmail.Solutions to create one central, updated place for PD resources and opportunities.


    Create an interactive newsletter in minutes. Seriously.

    Remote Lesson & Weekly Assignment Sheet

    During periods of remote learning, send schedules, resources, and assignments via newsletter, weekly or daily.

    Easy Interface

    Create the perfect newsletter. In just a few clicks. Every time.

    Classroom Communication

    Share what your class is up to. Keep parents and guardians informed and updated.

    Look like a Pro

    Choose from gorgeous designs.

    Loved by teachers, Principal, educators, librarians & SchoolPR Pros across the globe.

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